Instruct Internships

From time to time, Instruct will publish calls for internship awards: details are given below.

The Instruct Internship Programme funds research visits of 3-6 months duration to Instruct Centres in Europe. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with Instruct research groups applying techniques that are not available in the applicant’s laboratory. Applications should specifically focus on the benefit to the applicant’s research. Internships may be hosted at any institution that hosts an Instruct Centre, providing the applicant is a resident of a different full Instruct member country at the time of making the application.

  • Internships cover travel plus subsistence of the intern only and not of dependents.
  • Applicants should be pre-doctoral scientists (PhD students) and early-stage postdoctoral fellows
  • Internships are awarded for exchanges between laboratories in different countries.
  • Proposals must have the approval of the hosting Institution or Department.
  • Internships should be taken within one year of the award.
  • The home laboratory (applicant’s usual workplace) must be within an Instruct Member country.
  • On completion of the internship applicants must return to their home laboratory.

Internship calls will be published on the Instruct website and in the international scientific press. Guidelines available here.

The 5th Instruct Internship Programme 2017 is now open, to apply please follow the link.

Deadline is 10th November 2017

Passed Calls

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