Instruct-ERIC governance bodies coordinate activities of the Instruct Infrastructure. The governing bodies are supported by the Instruct Hub hosted at the University of Oxford.

The Instruct Council is the primary governing body with representatives of the Members  and Observers of the Instruct-ERIC. The Council receives advise from the Independent Scientific Advisory Board and set course for the Executive committee, principal management body of Instruct. The executive committee is formed by representatives drawn form Instruct Centres. The council and executive receive recommendations from advisory committees for Access, Training, Industry, IP and publications and Ethics. 

Instruct Centres provide the infrastructure and expertise which defines and forms the core of Instruct-ERIC. The council may establish new Centre through proposal from existing Members or through a published call for applications from Members. The criteria for selection of new Instruct Centres provided by Members are:

  • Provide a demonstrable commitment to provide access to technologies and necessary technical support that are central to the vision of Instruct and essential for its success;
  • Provide technology/expertise of a world-leading standard, demonstrate a track record of scientific collaboration and a significant contribution to its field of research;
  • Add value to existing Centres, eg by providing distinctiveness in technology and expertise, or providing enhanced capacity and improved access through geographic location;
  • Have a firm commitment to provide access at an agreed level that allows Instruct projects to be accommodated;
  • Have endorsement from the applicant Centre‚Äôs country or other funding agency to the commitment required to support Instruct (e.g. through Membership of Instruct-ERIC, agreement to underwrite the fixed running costs of the Centre);
  • Have experience of integrative technological approaches, be willing to enter pan-European collaborations (scientific) and to collaborate on projects that drive technical development;
  • Be willing to comply with Instruct-ERIC policies for Instruct-ERIC related projects.

Instruct makes structural biology infrastructure available for access by European scientists from Instruct Member  countries. 

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